The HiddenLevers tool can include annuities in portfolios, and annuities created in an account can be re-used accross portfolios without the need to recreate them every time.  It is also possible to share annuities with other accounts in an organization.  The example that follows shows the process for adding an existing annuity to a new portfolio.  First, we log in to the HiddenLevers account and click on the blue "Add Portfolio" button:

You may now pick the type of portfolio you would like to create, however, for an annuity we will pick "Dollar Value" as we want to measure the impact of the fluctuations in the monetary value of the underlying investment plus any guaranteed returns:

As we are creating a new portfolio we need to give it a unique name, in this case "Annuity Test". Now we have prepared the portfolio, we can click the blue "Annuities" button to add an annuity:

This opens a second modal that allows you to add to the portfolio any annuities already created in your account or the option to create a new annuity. The existing annuties are blue links and will have the prefix VA (variable annuity), IA (indexed annuity) or FA (fixed annuity).  In this case we have one already created annuity in the account, FA:ANNT1, we can add this annuity by click on it:

Note how the cursor moves to the "Dollar" column after we have added the existing annuity, we now add the dollar value of the holding:

We can then add further holdings if required, in this case we will click on the blue "Save" button to save our AnnuityTest portfolio.  After it has saved the portfolio to the account the HiddenLevers tool will automatically display the Risk Profile for the new portfolio: