n order to add accounts from Schwab PortfolioCenter into HiddenLevers, we will need to utilize the Export Wizard. First, navigate to the Export Wizard in Schwab Portfolio Center. Then, choose the Position Export filetype.

On the next screen, you'll need to configure the export file. In the first section, General, please ensure that "Display Portfolio ID" is set to true.

Next, you’ll need to select whether you want to export all portfolios or a subset from section 2. 

Then, we'll need to pick the correct data columns from the Data section 3. 

The data columns needed are:

  • Portfolio Description
  • Security Description
  • Symbol
  • Quantity
  • Total Value

Once you select these fields, please click Next. On the next screen please make sure CSV Format is selected and choose a desired destination for the file.

Once the file is saved, navigate to the integrations page of HiddenLevers. Click the Schwab logo and upload the file.

Please note that the Schwab file integration does not automatically create clients or household. Those will need to be created manually for the portfolios. However, once the clients are set up and new data files are uploaded they will update the portfolios without losing the client set up.