There are several ways to input risk tolerance in a client page. One way is to email the risk tolerance survey directly to your client. You can watch this video demonstration, or follow the step-by-step guide below.

The following is a step-by-step guide: after you log into HiddenLevers, click the "Create Client" icon as shown below. 

You will then be prompted to input client/prospect information. Once you have filled the cells, click the save button.

You will then be directed to Step 1 of 5: Risk Tolerance. There are four ways to complete this step. You can Set Manually, Take the Survey, Email the Survey to the client or Skip the Risk Tolerance Option. In this scenario, you will opt to Email the Survey to your client. Click “Email Survey.”

Now you will see a template email to send to your client/prospect. We can send the email as is or personalize it. Please note that the HiddenLevers logo should not appear on this email. The image that appears on your email should correspond to the image uploaded in Account Settings. Learn how to upload your image to Account Settings HERE. You can also change the logo for this specific email by clicking on the “image” icon in the toolbar. 

If the “Client Email” field is empty, enter your client’s email address.

Copy Message – This copies the entirety of your message.  

Preview Message – Where you can see what your message looks like before sending it to your client.

Finally, click “send” when your email is ready to be sent out. 

Once the survey is completed a client page will be created in your HiddenLevers account. You can find it by searching their name in the search bar or clicking “See all Clients” found on the HiddenLevers’ Dashboard

If you visit our marketing materials page, you will find an embeddable button that can be used in both your site and your email. This button will lead those who click on it to your risk tolerance survey.