Create a new portfolio or edit an existing one that you want to add the preferred share to, and click on the blue Fixed Income button.

Enter the details for the preferred share as above (you can get the yield for the share from online sources such as Morningstar and then click the blue Submit button.

This will generate a Fixed Income ticker in our database, in this case FI:104316, and now a share quantity can be entered into the portfolio.

HiddenLevers supports industry-level historical data for fixed income and preferred investments. The proposal sections (historical graph, total return, annualized return, drawdown, investment growth, and risk measures) reflect both the equity and fixed income portions of a portfolio.

This price history is automatically set based on the general sector of the investment. Here are the current mappings:

  • Any US Treasury fixed income will use the Barclays 3-7 Year Treasury Bond data for price history.
  • Municipal fixed income uses Barclays Capital Municipal Bond data.
  • Preferred instruments use iShares S&P U.S. Preferred Stock data.
  • Other fixed income instruments use Barclays US Aggregate data.

These are the defaults, but they can be changed in your Model Settings.