The simplest way to model a BDC (Business Development Company) in HiddenLevers is as a Fixed Income holding.  To do so you will need the following information:

  1. A name to use to represent the holding in your reports.
  2. An expected yield value as a percentage.
  3. Any coupon as a percentage value, and whether it is quarterly, semi-annual or annual.
  4. A CUSIP number if known (this is optional).
  5. A maturity date if known (again optional).
  6. If the holding is being held to maturity in the event the maturity date is known.
  7. What industry the BDC works primarily with (e.g., mortgages, credit, hospital real estate development, high-tech venture funding, etc.).
  8. The total US dollar value of the holding.

Instructions for how to create a Fixed Income holding in a portfolio can be found in the article How to add a bond to a portfolio.