If you are not using one of our integration partners to import your portfolios into HiddenLevers you may need to manually add a bond or bonds to a new or existing portfolio.  To do so, log in to your HiddenLevers account and you will be presented with your Dashboard.  In the top left of the screen will be four blue buttons for adding to your Dashboard - click the one titled Add Portfolio for a new portfolio, or select the portfolio in the list of portfolios and click on "Edit":


This will open a new window overlaying the Dashboard for creating a new portfolio or editing the existing one:


If you want to add a fund and have the ticker symbol  or CUSIP or know the holdings name, you can start typing it into the left column and the tool will start offering you matching options.  In the following picture of an existing portfolio we have typed in BA to get the Boeing stock we want to add:


If your bond is not listed in our database by name or CUSIP number it can be entered as a Fixed Income position.  Fixed income positions can be added by clicking on the blue Fixed Income button, this will open the Enter Fixed Income Position window:


If you have a list of fixed income positions we have the ability to enter them in batches from Excel.  Click on the blue Multi-Bond Entry button to open the Import Fixed Income Position from Excel window and note the required column layout:


Arrange your data in Excel in the required layout, select the cells and copy them (Cntl-C in Windows):


Click on the top left cell in the the Import Fixed Income Position from Excel window:


And use Cntl-V to paste the contents into the window:


Please note you do not need to supply an Issuer Symbol for importing if you do not have such a ticker symbol.  Once the data is in the window you can then click the blue Submit button to add the positions to your portfolio.  Note that as we have entered positions in US dollar values the Percentile Model now needs to be changed to Dollar Value.