We offer client-ready reports to help you convey how several scenarios would affect your recommendation versus your clients’ holdings. Use the Portfolio Stress Test Report to show the “before” and “after” for your client or prospect.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your report: First, select “Reports” from the top menu drop down and choose “Stress Test Report”. 


Then, select the portfolios and scenarios you want to test. You may only use up to two portfolios, but the second one is optional.  


Once you have selected your portfolios, you can decide how you would like to view your assets and which timeframe you would like to work with by clicking on the respective drop down menus.

Please note: Scenario Timeframe allows you to change the amount of time it takes a scenario to play out. You could say that an oil bounce back takes 3 years instead of 1 year to reach $100/barrel. Changing the timeframe brings yields into account. Stress test results are cumulative over the time period selected.


Before you create your report, you also have the option of changing the scenarios you wish to be included in your report. You can do so by clicking on Change Scenarios. 

Once you are ready, click run report to create a PDF report. 

How to discuss the Report:

“As we can see in the Portfolio Comparison Report, by diversifying your other assets, we’ve significantly reduced your potential downside risk.”

“Together, we’ve tested your portfolio to see how it might react to multiple scenarios that concern you and how alternatives might perform.”

“Have you ever seen your investments tested in real-world scenarios like this? How does it make you feel to undergo this type of analysis?”

A Sample Report: