The HiddenLevers tool allows users to produce charts that compare two datasets from the HiddenLevers database, these can be downloaded as image files for use in customer documents.  The charts can compare portfolios, securities, levers and indexes.  To start, log in to your HiddenLevers account and click on "Data Center" in the black bar at the top of the screen.  This will open a drop-down menu, please click on "Charting":


This will open the "Charts + Widgets" page.  This page is dynamic and offers different options as you proceed through the process.  The first task is to click on the drop-down next to "Select Type" and click on "Chart":


Two new drop-down selection boxes will now appear - "Data Set" and "Second Data Set".  These are the types of data you want to compare and you can choose between portfolios, securities, levers and indexes.  The comparison can be different types or between the same type of data.  In the sequence below we will compare the cost of a lever (aluminum) with a security (Boeing's shareprice).  First we will set the first dataset type to a security:


Then we set the second dataset to type lever: 

After the first type of dataset is chosen there are some additional charting options that will appear.  In the example we will add a title - "Comparison of Aluminum and Boeing" - and change the size of the eventual picture image.  To do so I click in the text boxes next to "Chart Title" and "Chart Width" and type in the new title and the desired width of the image, in this case 900 pixels:


I am now ready to enter my chosen datasets.  First I will find the lever Aluminum in the drop-down list of levers as this is a straightforward selection:

Whilst Aluminum is easily found in the list of levers, we might not know what the ticker symbol is for Boeing, so we use the blue "Symbol Lookup" button to open a search tool.  In the picture below I have clicked the button to open the "Symbol Lookup" tool, typed in "Boeing" into the search box and clicked on the "Search" button, and the tool is showing all the items related to Boeing in the HiddenLevers database (in this case the general stock and its ticker symbol, BA, which is what we are after, plus several positions that have been created around Boeing stock):


Once I have clicked on "BA" in the "Symbol Lookup" tool I have both datasets selected and my selections I then click on the blue button "Show Chart/Widget" (circled in red in the picture below) to generate the chart:

The chart will is displayed in a second box underneath the selections, this allows you to change your selections and simply click "Show Chart/Widget" again to see the changed chart.  When happy with the chart, click on the blue button "Save Chart Image" (circled in red in the picture below) to save the image file to a local system drive.  The saved file is in PNG format and can then be used in customer documents: