If you are an Envestnet Tamarac user, then it is possible to set an automatic sync between your Tamarac and HiddenLevers accounts so that updates to your portfolios in Tamarac are copied to your HiddenLevers account.  Setting up the process involves three steps - requesting the integration from the Tamarac Service team; the Tamarac Service team sets up the Advisor View bulk reports and notifies the customer that the enterprise level API has been enabled; the customer activates the portfolio import in their HiddenLevers account.

The first stage is contacting the Tamarac Service team (tamaracam@envestnet.com) to make the integration request. The Tamarac Service team will send you a legal agreement the Tamarac account signatory must sign before they will allow the release of information to HiddenLevers via the bulk data API. Once they have received the signed agreement the Tamarac Service team will then create the bulk data reports and enable the API.  You will then receive a notification from the Tamarac Service team confirming the service is ready for use and to activate the import in your HiddenLevers account.

In some cases, you may already have the proper privileges to create the proper bulk report yourself. To do this in Tamarac, navigate to Reports>Bulk Reports>Create Report. Here, name the bulk report "Account Holdings" instead of "Account Holdings - Current". Then, select "Account Holdings" as the report type. Finally, include the following fields in this order: Account Name, Account Number, Symbol, CUSIP, Holdings Current Value, Quantity, As Of Date, Household Assignments.

Once the bulk report is saved, you can now enable the integration from the HiddenLevers side. In your HiddenLevers account, click on the blue "Integrations" button in the top left of the Dashboard:

This will open the Integration page which has buttons for all the integration partners.  There are two Envestnet buttons for different services, you need to click on the one labelled "Envestnet Tamarac" in the box titled "Sync Portfolios" (see below):

This will open a modal for you to enter the login and password for your Tamarac account, once you have done so click on the blue "Activate" button to test the connection.  If successful the modal will change, displaying the message "Account sync is currently On" and the "Activate" button will be replaced by a red "Deactivate" button (only used if you ever want to halt the sync):



If the activation fails please contact HiddenLevers Support (800.277.4830, support@hiddenlevers.com).