To start the synchronization process, log in to your HiddenLevers account and click the “Integrations" button.

This will bring you to the Integrations page which has icons for HiddelenLevers partners. Under the "Sync Portfolios" on the left will be an icon for "Envestnet | Tamarac":

Click on the icon, enter your Tamarac credentials, and click "Activate" to start the synchronization process:

If the connection is successful, an orange loading spinner will display. After a short delay, you will see the following message:

The sync is often completed in much less than 30 minutes unless you have a large amount of Tamarac data to sync. Now you will see your Tamarac client and portfolios listed in your Dashboard. Imported data will have a cloud icon next to them and hovering over the icon will show the source of the portfolio and a source will be listed in your Dashboard widgets: