The integration with LPL BranchNet is a manual file load process.  The data is supplied as a CSV (comma-separated variable) file, which can be read and edited in Excel as a spreadsheet.  The data is exported into the CSV file from LPL BranchNet, then the CSV file is uploaded into HiddenLevers, creating new portfolios in your HiddenLevers account.  Each time an updated CSV file is exported from LPL BranchNet, when it is imported into HiddenLevers our system checks for changes to the existing portfolios and any new portfolios and makes the required additions and edits to your account.  The example below is the initial export from LPL BranchNet for our demonstration clients Bob and Wanda Test and shows part of their CSV file:


Once you have your initial export CSV file from LPL BranchNet, the first step of the process is to log in to your HiddenLevers and go to the Dashboard (which is the default for most accounts).  Please note in the screenshot below that our list of portfolios in our test HiddenLevers account does not include portfolios for Bob and Wanda Test, our demonstration clients:


To import our initial CSV file, click on the blue Portfolio Import button in the group of four buttons in the top left side of the Dashboard.  This will open a new window with buttons for each of our integration partners.  Please note that, depending on the resolution of your screen, the buttons may appear slightly differently arranged, but the LPL BranchNet button with their logo will always be on the right side of the screen (circled in red in the screenshot below):


Click on the LPL BranchNet button and a new modal will open for you to upload the CSV file.  Please note the Choose File button and that the system warns that no file has been selected yet:


Click on the Choose File button and an operating system window will open to allow you to browse to and select the file on your local system.  Once you have selected the file the modal will change to show the name of the file you have selected (LPLtestfile1.csv in our example):


Now click on the blue Upload button in the bottom left corner of the modal and the data will be imported into HiddenLevers.  When the import has completed the modal will change to display a message in red text saying "The portfolio was successfully imported" and a link in blue text saying "Continue to your portfolios" (see below), click that link to return to your Dashboard:


Your Dashboard will now include the new portfolios and their holdings (see below).  Please note the new portfolio names are a combination of the account name and the last four digits of the LPL BranchNet account number:


When you have an updated CSV file from LPL BranchNet follow the same procedure above and select the new file as the upload.  Our system will compare the new file contents with the existing portfolios and make the required edits.  In our example update below, Bob and Wanda have each purchased an additional position:


After the new data is imported, the changes are reflected in their portfolios: