What is the Economic Data Center?

The EDC (Economic Data Center) is a section of the HiddenLevers tool that allows our customers to examine the economic data used for our levers.  Users can look at both current and historic performance of the levers and chart an individual lever's activity over time.  This data is freely available to all our customers.

How to get to the EDC.

To access the EDC, first log in to your HiddenLevers account, then click on the word "Data Center" in the black bar at the top of the screen, this will open a drop-down menu, please click on the option "Economic Data" (circled in red in the picture below):

This will open the EDC screen at the default view, the "Active" tab, which shows the details of the five levers which have had the greatest change in value over the last month:

In the "Active" tab, the individual levers (in the example above, Steel, MYR, RUB, Coal and US Corporate Bond Spread) are in blue text which means they are links that can be clicked on to show economic data for that lever.  Other blue text in the view, the column headers, allows the data to be re-ordered.  There is also a blue button labelled "Show More" that will expand the list of the most changed levers.

The other tabs (Indices, Commodities, Currencies, Economy, Industry, Rates / Bonds, Real Estate, and Technology) list economic data for groups of other indices both foreign and domestic that are used in the HiddenLevers systems as levers.