When you navigate to any client page, you will see a “Goals” icon.

Click on the icon and choose a goal you want to set for that client. You can add as many goals as you like. Please note the "Retirement Income" for 2040- is a default goal. You can delete this by going to Edit Goal, then Delete.


When creating a goal you can set it as a multi-year goal or just a one off event. Once you hit “save”, you will see a required return that you will need in order to achieve your goal(s).

Next, click on the “Results” icon, and choose “Cashflow Analysis”.

Here you will see a cashflow graph for your client’s current holdings (in blue) vs. your recommendation (in green). From the right-hand-side of your screen, you can select scenarios to stress test the two portfolios against (the client’s current holdings, and your recommendation). You can also select the specific year in which you want these scenarios to occur. Hit “save” and the graph will now incorporate the scenarios that you selected. You can add in as many scenarios as you like. On the top right, you can click on “Economic Assumptions.” to change your initial investment amount, annual savings, and inflation rate.

Below the graph, you have the option to add more goals by clicking the “Add Goal” icon. You can also edit your current goal(s) by clicking the pencil in the top right of each goal icon.

At the bottom of the page you will see an “Advanced” tab. When expanded, the table shows a more in-depth analysis of what is going on in the cashflow chart. This spreadsheet is interactive, so you are able to change the numbers in the table and see the results reflected in the chart.