In order to understand the best way to set up users in HiddenLevers, it is useful to understand the types of access that are available.

The most common access is a Professional user. This is the user who uses HiddenLevers' full functionality and will usually have the ability to integrate client and/or portfolio data and analyze and generate reports in the software according to their subscription level.

Depending on your organization's structure, you may also want an Org Admin (Administrator). This level of access allows someone to control default settings for content such as Default Scenarios, Proposal Templates, Branding and Compliance content, and Backfills and Proxy settings, among others. They can be authorized to log in as other users as well, which is beneficial for compliance or general oversight functions.

Lastly, you may have someone who works in an administrative role on behalf of one or more advisors, such as an associate advisor or junior trader, who need to access HiddenLevers in order to input information, run reports, or otherwise, but doesn't need to access HiddenLevers on their own behalf. This type of user access can be added for no additional cost in many cases, and will only have the ability to log in as other users. We refer to this type of user as an Admin but distinguish them from the Org Admin by their limited access.

If you have additional questions or would like to add Org Admin permission or an Admin user, please reach out to HiddenLevers support at for assistance.