HiddenLevers provides you with a variety of tools to help you close prospects stress test portfolios and create recommendations for your clients. To save you some time, we have created a video library where you can find step-by-step tutorials of our most commonly asked questions.

Once you have created a client, you will be taken through the client workflow. If you are unsure about how this works, this video will take you through each step.

If you would like to add a portfolio through one of your integrations, the following video will walk you through the instructions.

Want to understand what would happen to your portfolio if oil prices were to rise or the S&P 500 were to drop significantly? Watch this video to understand how it works.

Our Scenario Library is another interactive way to show your clients how their portfolios would react in a variety of “what-if” situations. These scenarios range from everyday conflicts happening around the world to natural disasters.

This page gives you a high-level understanding of the risks surrounding your portfolio or model. Watch the video to learn more!

Use our Hedging Wizard to discover new investments that could reduce your downside risk. Click to watch the video and understand how it works.

Would you like to quickly create a customizable proposal that you can share with prospects? Watch our proposal video to create one.